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Best Wishes for 2021 from Cowdenbeath FC

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Best Wishes for 2021 from Cowdenbeath FC

PostedDecember 31, 2020

As we stand at the gate of a New Year, and bid a not too fond farewell to 2020, the Board of Cowdenbeath FC would like to take the opportunity to wish all of the Club’s fans, well-wishers and the local community an especially Happy New Year in the fervent hope that 2021 will bring better times for everyone.

Cowdenbeath FC has had many challenges to surmount over the last 9 months and has had to weather many storms (both metaphorically and literally). There have been times when we perhaps questioned the how and why of carrying on but the backing of our fans and the local community enables us to keep the flag flying. We are of course indebted to the loyalty and dedication of all our playing, coaching and back room staff, for the help so willingly given by volunteers, and for the incredible financial support given by so many via Club 135 donations which have exceeded 20,000 since that first lockdown back in March.

On the field, with our dreadful injury list now clearing, we go into 2021 in fine fettle on the back of good wins in our last two games. The problematic financial situation has also now been bolstered by the award of a sizeable grant. We were delighted as well to be able to give a little back to our community through such recent initiatives as Festive Friends and One for the Road. Earlier in the year we were also able to provide fish suppers to staff and residents in our local care homes. We are now looking to build on our existing Community involvement by formally launching the Central Park Trust in 2021 – under the banner of Cowden in the Community. The streaming of matches from Central Park too has been an innovation and a boon that has allowed our fans and followers to still see their favourites play. Indeed, last Saturday, PPV allowed watchers the privilege of viewing Craig Barr’s halfway howitzer! Sponsors and advertisers have continued to generously lend support where possible while 2020 also saw us working and cooperating closely with our fellow L2 clubs for the common good of the game.

We strive to ensure that Cowdenbeath FC remains at the heart of our community. The words of pundit Gerry Hassan maybe best sum up our Club’s overall place in the scheme of things – ‘Scottish football is about more than who makes the most noise whether it be ten in a row – or stopping ten in a row – or the obsessions of the top league and clubs. Scottish football’s deep roots reach much further than the dominant media narratives. Scotland used to be characterised by local traditions, pride and networks of organisations that underpinned a sense of civic identity and connection in communities up and down the land. Much has been eroded by deep-seated changes in society, culture and politics, but some of it still remains, and can be seen in the welter of voluntary and community associations and the array of football clubs which play an important role in their community, with ripples way beyond the world of football. In some communities, the football club is the last standing, surviving institution with a distinct and genuine local character. Even more it can often be the only organisation that embodies the many changes experienced by local communities such as the rise and fall of various industries, world wars and the coming of peace, and the connections of generations through the varying fortunes of the club and past triumphs they may have had. These clubs’ importance in their communities goes beyond football. They reach out to schools, youth groups, community groups, local businesses and media, and provide a focus and reference point for people in the area’.

Cowdenbeath FC remains a true community club still imbued with the spirit of the Miners who established the club back in 1880. It represents those community values and is sustained by all those who support the club. Thank you all.

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