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Rise to the challenge
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A new Cowdenbeath Football Club has begun to emerge over the last 12 months or so. The Football Club is now wholly controlled by a consortium of local people - which was initially put in place by the Supporters' Action Group in June 2010 - who have only the best interests of the Club at heart.

We all have a shared vision to see Cowdenbeath Football Club operating as a truly community-based football club - run by the people, for the people of the wider Cowdenbeath community and very much operating on a financially sustainable basis, at all times.

Our key strategic objectives are:

(1) Continuing the transformation towards full community control with a community/supporters trust, bringing everyone under one umbrella, becoming the major shareholder in the future;

(2) Relocating to a new fit-for purpose stadium which would provide a new home for the Club and a 1st class facility for the wider community, for people of all ages;

(3) Significantly increase our presence in the local community by offering a long-term community development programme that will increase opportunities for local people to participate in sport and meet other social and economic goals; and

(4) Consistently put a team on the park that the supporters and wider community can be proud of while also being an exemplar for youth development.

This is a considerable challenge, but progress has already been made and, with the full backing of the supporters and wider community, it can be done. However, there is still a long road ahead. The Club has stabalised but the long-term future is still fragile and will depend on the continued and increased commitment of the supporters and the local community.

Operating as a 1st Division football club would help considerably with meeting our ambitious vision, particularly in terms of attracting investment for a new stadium.

No matter which division we are playing in, it is vital that we attract more people to come through the gates on match days, and maximise current and develop new income streams and investment opportunities.

The Club will not rely on private investment but will live within its means. However, a sustainable model, in our opinion, will include a hybrid of supporter/community involvement along with an element of private investment.

We need your support and there are many ways that you can play your part, including:

  • Purchase season tickets and encourage friends and family to come along to games
  • Purchase the new Uhlsport kit and other Blue Brazil merchandise
  • Blue Brazil Manager’s Fund
  • Sponsor a player
  • Backing the Blue Brazil
  • Participate in the BB lottery
  • Join the 100 Club
  • Volunteer

The light at the end of the tunnel was almost switched off in 2010 due to the financial difficulties. Don’t wait until another crisis – it may be too late next time. Your club needs you now - the future of Cowdenbeath Football Club is in all our hands, both individually and collectively. It is your Club and everyone can play their part and shape the future.

The Club has a proud history and can have a bright future if we all work together and rise to the challenge.

Thanks for your continued and dedicated support. Without it, quite simply, there is no Cowdenbeath Football Club.

Let’s all rise to the challenge.

Donald Findlay QC
Cowdenbeath Football Club