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From the Blue Planet to the Blue Brazil

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From the Blue Planet to the Blue Brazil

PostedMarch 21, 2020

The Cowdenbeath FC Board has completed an in-depth financial and operational review of the business as it labours under the ‘Coronavirus cosh’. The Club office at the ground for now will only be manned on Thursdays between 10am and 4pm. E-mail (or Facebook messaging) is therefore the very best method of communication with the club.

Chairman Donald Findlay said, ‘What matters is our people, and our people getting through this. It’s quite clear there won’t be any more games for a long time, for clubs of all levels, and that impacts on a significant portion of their income. Football, and those involved in football, have to face up to the reality of what’s happening. Right now, though, we have to focus on the welfare of our people. What state the game will be in when it’s over, nobody knows. It will be a hard journey for football. But we will not let Cowdenbeath disappear.

One person willing to play a part we are proud to say is very well-known indeed – a famous and greatly respected individual who recently made his own contribution to our Club 135 appeal – Sir David Attenborough – all the way from the Blue Planet to the Blue Brazil!

The club’s budget has been radically recast. Substantial income from the 4 remaining home league games and any play-off matches has been lost - games with high levels of hospitality bookings. We have cancelled all functions including the 1970 Player Reunion Brunch, the 100 Club event, our Sponsors Day, our Player of the Year event and the annual Sportsman’s’ Dinner. There have been no matches or training since March 10. Our Community programme is now suspended – all community classes, Tots Kickers, Mini Kickers, Walking Football and the Easter Camp are cancelled until further notice.

Our new financial plan reflects a new reality. We have had further dialogue with the manager and the players will now be further consulted. The aim is to seek the right course for all in these troubled times. Matters remain fast moving with further government announcements today.

We do ask those who have the welfare of Cowdenbeath FC at heart to please help us weather the storm if you can. It is a challenge but we seek to live up to our town’s famous motto - ‘Stent Nae Stent’ (Shirk no task). If you can contribute at all financially to the club that would be a major fillip and bolster its reserves.

The 100 club already has stepped in and made an accelerated donation of 9200 and is to transfer further monies into the club every month. The Blue Brazil Bonus Ball lottery also is making monthly lodgements of some 700. These are absolutely core contributions and are greatly appreciated. Some clubs have set up Just Giving pages but as illustrated by Sir David we already have a similar facility established in our Club 135 Donation Scheme.

So we now put this call out to fans and well-wishers to support us if you can via donations to Club 135. Any sum you can afford is welcome – it remains the case that for larger donations of 250 or above you will also be gifted a share in Cowdenbeath FC by our Chairman. Some clubs, at the behest of their fans, have been helped by supporters subscribing the admission money they would have spent in attending their club’s remaining home games. Again we would be delighted to accommodate this via Club 135 – donations of 13 per match or 7 can thus be made (or 52/28 if you wished to pay for all 4 games up front). First up is our game v Stenhousemuir on Saturday – it would be great to see a healthy crowd ‘paying at the gate’! Visiting supporters too would be welcome! To donate to Club 135 please use this link.

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