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    David Hay 2009/10
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    David Hay 2009/10

    Where were you brought up and what team did you support growing up?

    I was born and raised in Muirhouse. I'm an Edinburgh boy through and through. I'm very much a Hearts man.

    When did you start playing football and who did you play for as a youth?

    I started playing at about 8 years old as a centre midfielder, then moved to centre halfwith Hutcheson Vale from age 8 to 12. I was a real midfield maestro and scored many goals.

    Who has been the biggest influence on your career?

    It has to be my mum anddad who took me everywhere to play. Otherwise Ian Westwater from Dunfermline was a major influence.

    Mostplayers must bemad to be a goalkeeper. Why and when did you.?

    I volunteered at age 15. The rest is history.

    Why are you called Duff?

    Mum's maiden name is Duffy. My mates all called me Duffy and subsequently shortened it to Duff.

    What'syour best memory from the championship season?.

    The last 5 minutes of what seemed to be 25 added on against Elgin. Also my save late on at Stenny in our 2 - 1 win.

    What has been your best achievement in football so far?

    Winning. I enjoy any success but winning the championship was special.

    What has been your biggest disappointment?

    I never look at anything as a disappointment. I am always looking to be positive.

    Who is the biggest character you have met in football and why?

    It's got to be Frankie Fairbairn by far. He was born not to wear clothes.

    Who is the best player you have seen in the flesh and one that you have played with?

    Best player was Zenadine Zidane at the final of the European Cup - what a great goal he scored. Best Cowden players were Marcus (Paatelainen) and Morgaro (Gomis).

    What are your hopes for this season in the 2nd Division?

    I feel we have started well. We are playing football and have nothing to fear, particularly when we are a full strength

    Whose got the best/worst dress sense in the club?

    Best Darren McGregor, worst Paul McQuade.

    Whose got the best/worst patter?

    Best Frankie worst (a few) Beaky, Jay Shields, Paul McQuade

    Whose most likely to sook up to the Gaffer to get a game?

    Mark Baxter - gaffer treats him like a son.

    You have had opportunities to move to other clubs in the past and recently signed an extended contract. What has kept you at Central Park?

    Its no secret that other clubs would like to have me. But I really do enjoy the atmosphere in the club andparticularly appreciate the support of the fans. Money isn't everything and I have absolutely no reason to move.

    How do you rate the current Cowden squad?

    The Championship squad was more physical. There are two different styles. I am happy to see the youth players being given extended chances to play.

    Do you have ambitions to move into coaching/management when your playing career is over?

    None at all. When I retire, it will be to thepub or to attend matches as a spectator.

    Tell us something we don't know about you?

    I have no hidden skeletons. I suppose..... I am very intelligent!

    You once lost seven goals playing for Brechin against Cowden. Have you recovered from the trauma?

    That was an incredible game. I did know Derek Riordan very well at school and he scored a hat trick that day. But then, I don't let things get me down.

    What would you rate as your most memorable performance for Cowden?.

    Against Stenny and just that one save

    Have you got a message for the fans?

    Many many thanks for your incredible support. Keep believing