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2010/11 Season News

Club statement

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Club statement

PostedMarch 25, 2011

Dear Supporter,

Following the Club’s recent 4-3 win at Stirling Albion the SFA has written to us in relation to the fact that some supporters entered the field of play following the scoring of the winning goal. I have personally replied to this letter.

I see it as my duty as Chairman of the Club to accept personal responsibility for the conduct of our supporters and I have done this.

I now await the outcome.

It is important that I stress this. There MUST not be a repetition. Of course, I recognise that there was no malicious intent. The sheer exuberance of the moment in securing such a remarkable victory was there for all to see. It was shared by me, albeit at my age, getting quite so excited is not a good idea. I have instructed the manager that in future all victories must be secured in a less stressful manner!!

I greatly value the contribution made by all our supporters, especially, if I may say so, our travelling fans. You have a great reputation where ever you go. I appreciate the financial commitment you make and the fact that while you are invariably outnumbered by the home support, you do everything you can to get behind the team and the great efforts that Jimmy and every single player is making to keep us in the First Division.

But, and it is an important but, any conduct by you which falls below your usual high standard could result in a significant financial penalty for the Club and this can only impact adversely on what we are trying to achieve.

So please do all you can to support the team with your usual passion but do so from the sidelines and do everything you can to maintain and enhance the great reputation of Cowdenbeath FC and its fans.

We all want to remain in the First Division. I promise to you that I will do everything l can to achieve this, but none of us must do anything which might prevent it happening.

Once again, thank you for your help and support.

Donald R. Findlay

Chairman, Cowdenbeath Football Club.

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