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Club relocation proposals - Have your say!

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Club relocation proposals - Have your say!

PostedFebruary 19, 2011

Cowdenbeath Football Club proposes to build a new community stadium in the town and safeguard the future of the Blue Brazil - the Broad Street site has been identified, after discussions with Fife Council, as the preferred site at this stage - and the Club would like to hear the views and opinions of supporters, the local community and other interested stakeholders.

The plan for a new community stadium is part of a proposal that would see the current Central Park site re-developed with the footprint hosting a supermarket, small retail units and new housing. The receipts generated from the re-development of Central Park would part fund the construction of a new stadium for Cowdenbeath Football Club.

It is proposed that the new community stadium would be a purpose-built, 21st century facility and could include:

  • All weather playering surface
  • New 1500 stand with terracing also included
  • Multiple changing facilities for senior and junior teams, and visitors
  • Bar and hospitality facilities
  • Cafe
  • Club shop
  • Extensive parking
  • Stock car track

The new stadium plans are very much at an early stage and nothing is set in stone. As such, Cowdenbeath Football Club will be consulting on, and developing detailed proposals for the new stadium over the coming months and encourages suggestions regarding the facilities proposed and any additional items which you feel would benefit the Club and/or the Community. In the meantime, please email your thoughts and suggestions to

The plan for a community stadium is all part of a strategy that aims to see the football club restored to the heart of the local community. Another strand to this vision is the plan for the Club's proposed transition from a private limited company to a community interest company (CIC). It is proposed that, under the CIC structure, the owners, Innovate Cowdenbeath Ltd, would gift their majority shareholding (circa 85%) to a community/supporters trust which would see the ownership of the football club firmly in the hands of the local community.

What is a Community Interest Company?

  • A CIC adds an ethical dimenstion to corporate law - it is a new type of limited company designed specifically for those wishing to operate for the benefit of the community rather than the benefit of private owners of a company.
  • CICs can be limited by shares, or guarantee, and will have a statutory 'asset lock' to preent the assets being sold for private gain except as permitted by legislation. This ensures that profits are retained within the CIC for the benefit of supporters and the local community.

A CIC can also attract grants and funding which would not be available to an ordinary private limited company.

Rise to the Challenge

If the community is supportive of the proposal to re-develop Central Park and the Council grants planning permission, these proposals offer the opportunity for signifcant investment, regeneration and jobs for Cowdenbeath along with the opportunity to have a secure future for Cowdenbeath Football Club, run as a Community Interest Company for the benefit of the club and the community of Cowdenbeath.

By supporting this proposal you can play your part in securing the future of Cowdenbeath Football Club and the prosperity of the town it belongs to.

One Cowdenbeath - football club and community working together.

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