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2009/10 Season News

Cowden Promoted

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Cowden Promoted

PostedAugust 6, 2009

Cowdenbeath Football Club have been promoted to the 2nd Division following a meeting of the Scottish Football League Management Committee at Hampden Park today to consider the fate of Livingston FC. The following statement was issued by the Scottish Football League. "At a meeting today of the Scottish Football League Management Committee, Livingston Football Club were found to be in breach of Rule 76.2, relating to insolvency. "The sanction imposed was to place Livingston F.C. in the Third Division for Season 2009-2010. "We believe a Third Division placement offers Livingston F.C. the chance of continuing their membership of The Scottish Football League." Note: Airdrie United F.C. and Cowdenbeath F.C. have been promoted to the First and Second Divisions respectively. Livingston FC have the option to appeal. Further news will follow tomorrow to clarify the position.

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