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2023/24 Season News

The Blue Brazilian - Matchday Magazine

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The Blue Brazilian - Matchday Magazine

PostedSeptember 30, 2023

Don’t miss your copy of Cowdenbeath FC's award winning match programme - The Blue Brazilian - at home matches this season. Issue 6 of 2023/24 is available now. This issue covers tomorrow’s Lowland League match v Cumbernauld Colts. The 40 page full colour programme will be on sale at the ground priced 3.50.

Issue No 6 includes articles and features such as – Touchline Views from Calum Elliot; Noticeboard - Behind the Scenes at Central Park; The Opposition; The Cowdengelly Felly - When the phone came to Cowdenbeath; Paper View - The non-Doggy clubs, Half pace Lisbon Lions; Lowland League - around the League; Action Stations; Ask the Anorak - Crime Count; The Analogue Blog; Better than a sook at an orange; The Hat Tricksters - Unpopular prodigals; Wunderkammer - Peter Black’s Football Know-all; Decade - The White Ball and return of the ‘Dugs’; Fife’s Football Cups - The Wilkinson Cup; Fife’s Finest in Fotos - St Andrews Swifts; Programme Parade - St Bernard’s v Cowden; Paeans, Passings and Polemics - Ronnie McKinnon, Jan Jongbloed; The Armchair Sportsman - Answered Prayers, Watford Forever, Thornton Village; Play offs - Hibs’ Great Escape; Stent Nae Stent - Margaret Bricknall’s Central Park days and more as well!

Copies can alternatively be obtained by making a donation of 3.50 (purchase price) plus p&p of 1.75 = 5.25 via the Club 135 donation button on the club website - or by email and we will provide bank account details for electronic transfer of funds in payment.

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