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2022/23 Season News

2022/23 – A New Beginning

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2022/23 – A New Beginning

Posted July 7, 2022

The adjustment to the Lowland League is very difficult as the club’s business model needs to substantially change. We have of course already laboured for some years with the major financial handicap that we no longer own Central Park. At the start of last season we provided a pretty generous budget to the then manager to invest in the squad - a squad full of experience. That did not pay dividends. That financial commitment then was further strained by paying off the management team and subsequently increasing the player budget to allow for new signings in the January window. That extra spend simply knocks on into reducing the budget for season 2022/23. Inflation is now rampant with costs particularly the utility bills for Central Park sharply rising whilst we will doubtless have reduced monies coming through the gates this season. Sustainability is now a very prominent issue given our change in League status. Realism is required. Cut to the bottom line, there has now been a 30% cut in the playing and coaching staff budget. Your ongoing support therefore has never been more vital than it is now.

Against that backdrop, Chairman Donald Findlay shared his thoughts: - "A challenging season lies ahead for us in the Lowland League. It was bitterly disappointing to be relegated from the SPFL. I make no secret of that, nor should I. We have learned, and will continue to learn from that experience. However, this is not the time to dwell on past events. It is certainly not the time to seek to apportion blame. We must look to the future and do so in a positive way.

We will treat the Lowland League and the teams there in with all due respect. They will swiftly come to appreciate that we have no interest in licking wounds. We are in this league to win football matches. We have a Management Team which is determined to be successful and has already been hard at work in the pre-season. We have a talented squad of young players who are hungry for success, keen to prove their worth and make their way in the game.

I make no arrogant sounding boasts or hollow promises, save to pledge this. I and everyone connected with the Club will strive to achieve success and build for the future. As I have always maintained, the two groups of people who matter most at a football club are the players and the supporters. I have no doubt that the players will give 100%. I ask our supporters to do the same. Together, we will get there."

Manager Maurice Ross also added his own views, "Good evening everyone. I’d like to take this opportunity to update the fans on where we are at as a football club. As you have read online we have acquired a whole new playing squad, full new coaching staff, on the backdrop of the budget cuts.

A monumental effort has been made to sign new young hungry players as I have consistently highlighted. Massive credit must go to Colin Jack and Colin Nelson. We have Colin Nelson on board who is our team coordinator. An incredibly passionate bright individual who has given his heart and soul to this football club since I’ve been here. He embodies what I want in all employees brought into the club; youthful, forward thinking and dedicated.

We have gone from one extreme to the other. We now have a squad packed with young men. Like all young people, they are full of endeavour but may make decisions that aren’t always correct. With that being said, “experienced” campaigners are no certainty at any level never mind League 2 and LL. We have made efforts to sign experienced players but have not succeeded. This was unfortunately down to lack of salary and their ambitions to play a higher level which is out of our control.

Our pre-season campaign/cup competitions will be used to bed in our principles of play. We of course will face teams that are minimum two levels or higher than we currently operate so it will be a tall order to compete. We will approach it professionally and with a level of realism in relation to scores. We are laser focused on the first league game of the season and that’s Celtic B away!"

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