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2022/23 Season News

Message From Manager

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Message From Manager

PostedMay 29, 2022

To everyone connected with Cowdenbeath FC and our surrounding community:-

I was afforded the opportunity to manage your football club when I was in my darkest hour as a football person. Arguably the club now finds itself in its darkest hour too! Taking both scenarios into account I couldn’t even consider walking away after the support and opportunity I was given.

This is not an easy route back into the SPFL. There are some teams ploughing huge, perhaps unsustainable resources even into village football clubs and we can’t really be drawn into such “financial wars“. I have had my strategy approved by the board and the chairman. This is not rocket science. I want affordable, young, hungry and humble players who want to be part of our club. They must want to learn and progress their careers. My staff and I provide a safe working environment that players can feel safe and secure to go and express themselves.

I and the club would like to go on record and thank all the players who were involved in last season’s campaign. We do now need to sign almost a complete new squad of players. Our existing player contracts lapse by early June and we will look to have a more forward thinking approach to contract lengths and recruitment. I wanted a blank canvas. This is the first club I entered mid season and I can now build my squad from the ground up. That process is underway.

It will be difficult. I’m under no illusions! We as a club are under no illusions! However I am certain of one thing; I will give everything to breathe life into this football club again and if the players embody my values on the pitch then there is no reason we can make Cowdenbeath FC a well run, breeding ground for young talent!

The club have always stated if any player or staff member was given the chance to propel their career at a higher level then it’s a success story for our club!

Cammy Gill is moving on to bigger and better things at a Championship club after a sterling season under the guidance of our great goalkeeping coach David McGurn.

This is what we need to be known for in future! Not one or two but many more! That starts with recruiting younger talent!

My Assistant Manager Scott Paterson is also now moving on - I wish him all the very best for the future and would express warm thanks on behalf of myself and the club for all his input and efforts working alongside me on behalf of Cowdenbeath FC. He will be a great asset to any club where he may be involved in the future.

Maurice Alexander Ross

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