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2019/20 Season News

Cowdenbeath FC – SPFL Resolution

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Cowdenbeath FC – SPFL Resolution

Posted April 11, 2020

Cowdenbeath FC can confirm that they voted in favour of the SPFL resolution to call the 2019/20 League season as being concluded with the current position of each club being the finishing positions for season 2019/20.

Given more than 75% of games have been played we believe this readily meets any reasonable test of sporting integrity. It seems to us to be the right thing for the good of the game in Scotland. The key benefit of calling the season now is that it offers a degree of real clarity as opposed to continuing uncertainty. Yes, it will hopefully unlock distribution of SPFL positional based fees for season 2019/20 but most importantly it allows us to more clearly plot our cashflow position for the coming months, lets clubs turn their attention to player contracts (which in our case mostly expire early in June), gives certainty that we will not be called back into action at short notice, and clubs have an understanding of which League they will be in next season – whenever football does eventually resume. For us the idea that season 2019/20 will ever recommence is fanciful. It is not all about money, clarity rather than charity is a key driving force.

It is clear from the voting figures that our thinking is in line with the substantial majority of SPFL clubs. Our decision involved taking a pragmatic and sporting view and thus we elected to sacrifice our potential play off place for the greater good. There are of course larger issues concerning our whole society at this time.  

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