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Club 135 - Own A Share In Your Club

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Club 135 - Own A Share In Your Club

PostedJune 18, 2017

As fans and members of the local community know we have really been in a ‘Save Cowdenbeath FC mode’ since 2010. For just over 135 years, this small Fife town has had a senior football team. Indeed around the world, many people only know of the existence of Cowdenbeath itself because of its Football Club. Founded by miners, the Club has been based at its current ground Central Park for exactly 100 years and has been a member of the Scottish League for some 112 years. On 20th May, the club faced one of its greatest challenges as it sought to preserve its proud Scottish League status. It did so but only just! Fans gathered from far and wide to see Cowdenbeath defeat East Kilbride in a dramatic penalty shootout on a tension packed day. Defeat would have consigned the Club to the Lowland League and an uncertain future.

The club has actually been run by its fans for the past seven years. The current Directors of the Club are lifelong fans who continue to put considerable time and money into the Club to preserve this great community asset. The club though faces a host of challenges and in these days, it is extremely difficult to continually raise the funds required to keep Cowdenbeath FC on the world football map.

For that reason, the Club has launched Club 135 to firstly celebrate 135 years of senior football in the town. Secondly though, the aim is to raise funds to provide a more solid and sustainable financial platform to help the Club in the coming years. Our plea is that every fan, or anyone at all who has a link to this old mining town or is a well-wisher or maybe just would like to aid a small town football club, donate a minimum of 10 to the Club so that the future can be a bit more certain.

Many fans have already rallied to the cause but over and above making a donation the vital role we ask you to play for our club is to be ambassadors for it by promoting Club 135 to your friends and contacts on social media, e-mail, etc. – just as if you had a sponsor sheet! And enlist those friends to enlist their friends and so on. You can also make a contribution in memory of a loved one – maybe someone who was a Cowdenbeath fan or who came from Cowdenbeath. Just this last week or so we received donations ‘In Memory of David Skelding’, ‘In Memory of Willie Nellies’ and ‘In Memory of George Cowan’. A couple of well-wishers who made a donation this week were based in Nottingham – Simon and Steven Clough – the son and grandson respectively of football legend Brian Clough!

To donate please click on the Club135 tab at the top of this page and scroll to the foot of the page.

Everyone who contributes will ultimately have their names recorded on a Roll of Honour Board which will be located on the wall of the players’ tunnel at Central Park. In addition, anyone donating 250 or more to Club 135 will be gifted one share in Cowdenbeath FC and thus have an opportunity which has rarely ever been publicly available to become one of the club’s owners!

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