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2015/16 Season News

Chief Executive Steps Down

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Chief Executive Steps Down

PostedApril 30, 2016

Cowdenbeath FC can now confirm that the club’s Chief Executive Alex Anderson is retiring from his position of CEO, Secretary and Director of Cowdenbeath FC. Some time back Alex intimated to the Board that his desire was ‘to hang up his boots’ on the last day of the season – 30 April 2016.
Notwithstanding the fact that the season has now lengthened for Cowdenbeath FC it is appropriate that the announcement be issued as previously scheduled.
It is of course a cause for sadness and regret that Alex is leaving us. But at an age when most men have already retired and with a demanding full-time job, Alex would like the opportunity to have more free time with his family.
Club Chairman Donald Findlay said, ‘Over the past six seasons, Alex has made an enormous contribution to the Club and it is in no small measure due to his hard work that we have kept the Club going and enjoyed success along the way. He has given vast amounts of his time despite having to deal with a highly responsible full-time job which demands considerable travel. How he has managed to do this is, frankly, beyond me. He is held in the highest regard in Scottish Football by Clubs, the SFA and the SPFL. That we have secured and maintained Bronze SFA Licensing status is a substantial tribute to him. We have had our disagreements but his love for the Club has been unswerving and I have never known him to do anything other than what he thought was in the best interests of Cowdenbeath FC heedless of his own personal feelings. That is a rare quality. More than this, he is my friend and I will miss his company and counsel’.
The Board of Cowdenbeath FC on behalf of players, management and fans and indeed the community thank Alex for all his work and his dedication to Cowdenbeath FC.
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