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2013/14 Season News

Managers Fund Statement

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Managers Fund Statement

Posted January 28, 2014

Donald Findlay, Jimmy Nicholl and the board of Cowdenbeath FC recently invited fans to an open meeting at Wee Jimmies.  At that meeting, Donald made it absolutely plain that Cowden’s number 1, primary (short term) goal is to retain its place in the Championship 

That though is not just predicated on some notion that playing matches versus the likes of Rangers and Hearts will provide some sort of cash bonanza.  The Board is actively engaged on a number of fronts trying to deliver ‘game-changing’ outcomes for the club.  To help deliver these outcomes, the Blue Brazil really must secure its position in the Championship.  That is potentially a key catalyst to help allow the club to take a great leap forward. 
To that end, the Directors of Cowdenbeath FC have confirmed that they will do all in their power to achieve this goal.  Attaining this objective though needs complete and utter 100% dedication from all at Central Park, from the Board, the management, the backroom staff, and all the players plus all the supporters.  For the next few months we must all pull together. 
So we are indeed all in this together and that really does include the fans.  We will all either win or we will all fail together.  Thus a Managers’ Fund has now been set up to help Jimmy Nicholl bring in some new players to augment the squad, be they loans or otherwise; to fund additional wages as necessary and to allow flexibility.  Supporters of Cowdenbeath are therefore asked to play their part by raising/donating at least £10,000 to this fund within the next couple of months.  After just about one week, we can confirm that already £3,530 has been subscribed – a fantastic start!
Of course, Cowdenbeath FC does not have the usual football club dynamic – please don’t look at the club/fan relationship in conventional terms.  The Board does not own the club or have a controlling shareholding.  The Board are fans running this club for the town, the local community, for those of us who still believe that sometimes football dreams can come true.  We ask every fan to really play their part.  Get along to games, get behind the team and support the Managers’ Fund plus other club initiatives.  We of course will welcome any other fan led initiatives designed to help take the club forward. 
Contributions to the Manager’s Fund can be handed in at the office at Central Park or to any club Director.  Cheques should be made payable to Cowdenbeath Football Club.  All those who donate £50 or more will also be included in a prize draw where two winners will each receive one share in Cowdenbeath FC.  Shares in Cowdenbeath FC are very seldom available at all but an existing shareholder has agreed to transfer two shares – thus two Cowden fans will have the rare opportunity to own a little bit of Cowdenbeath FC. 
Thanks for your help and commitment to our club.
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