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100 Club
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Hands up if you want to have the opportunity to win a monthly prize and contribute to funds that will assist to safeguard the future of the Blue Brazil?

The ‘100 Club’ was launched in March 2011 by John Anderson. Initially there were 100 shares available (thus the 100 Club) but membership can go beyond that level if demand is there. Your club needs your support to meet the many challenges it faces so sign up now and play your part in safeguarding the future of Cowdenbeath Football Club. Please phone 01383 610166 or email to participate or speak to Scott Southgate.

This initiative gives supporters the opportunity to contribute and help raise ongoing funding to promote and assist the operations of Cowdenbeath Football Club and safeguard its future. The club pays out around £1500 to £1800 in prizes per annum and has regularly donated around £10,000 per year to Cowdenbeath FC since its inception. All profits directly go to benefiting our Football Club.


There were initially 100 shares available (but the number of shares can be increased beyond this in time if agreed by the Committee). The cost per share is £120 per annum, payable by 12 instalments of £10 per month or a single payment of £120. These payments can be made monthly by standing order. Members must commit to a one year minimum period.

Prize Draw

Every month a draw will take place with a member winning a prize of 15% of the total monthly subscription. The draw will be held on or about the last day of each month in the presence of two Committee members – at a public location such as a local pub or shop or at a match at Central Park where a randomly chosen member of the public will make the draw. Details of the draw and prizewinner will be listed on the CFC official website, its Social Media and its Matchday Programme The prize will only be paid to members whose subscriptions are fully up to date.

Management of the Fund

A committee on behalf of the membership was elected comprising of Brian Lumsden, Craig Bennet and David Allan who will manage the 100 Club funds.

Commencement of the Club

The club commenced on 15 March 2011. Standing order payments are made on the 15th day of each month.

How to Apply to Join

Application forms and standing orders can be obtained from Brian Lumsden/Craig Bennet or from the office at Central Park.

Please phone 01383 610166 or email or speak to Brian Lumsden/Craig Bennet for further information.