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    Dear Board -† why did you only have one adult gate open at todays game? You should of had about 3 adult gate open for the game and there should of been police and stewards and a split crowd.

    Answer: The East Fife match was a learning experience for the Board in respect of turnstile arrangements and resourcing.† Bear in mind no-one on the current Board has any great prior experience of derby match arrangements.† We apologise to those who missed part of the action, especially Cowden’s opening goal!† We are not aware of any particular concerns arising from the match as regards policing, stewarding or the decision that segregation was not required. †

    What is happening regarding the issue come January with relation to the size of the park, and where is the money to pay the fine going to come from?

    Answer: The matter is subject to discussions with the SFA. †

    Can the board members at Central Park and the owners clarify to the football fans what the intentions of Cowdenbeath FC are?

    Answer: We would refer you to our other answers above. †

    I am more than a little concerned about the future of the football club. Could you assure me and a few others that every effort is being made to relocate and ensure the future for our community club

    Answer: As aforementioned, the aim is to sell Central Park for development and use part of the proceeds to relocate the club.† This may take time so patience is required.† You may be interested to know that it is also now more likely that any relocation will involve the stock car operation sharing the new ground. †

    When will work start on the new stadium.

    Answer: There is a clear need to gain planning consent for Central Park and strike a deal with a purchaser first.† That is the trigger for being able to look to begin building a new stadium.† No work can start on a new stadium until we have secured a sale of the ground as that is what will fund any new park.† Look at St Mirren for example. †

    Given the answer to the question about compensation, should fans be worried about the ability of the club to continue trading. Secondly, given that there are many rumours circulating to the effect that neither potential purchasers of the club and/or ground, nor the Brewsters are interested in relocating the club to a new stadium or keeping the club alive can the Brewsters (not the non executive board members) give a categorical assurance that they still intend to keep the club alive after any sale and will not just walk away and let the club die.

    Answer: The compensation issue is of course difficult and unwelcome. Gordon McDougall has already been paid in full and the Brian Welsh situation is still on-going.† It is a challenge and careful financial management has been brought to bear at the club.† Everybody, the fans, the Supporters Club, the Supporters Trust certainly need to pull together and get behind the club in every way.† For example, volunteer work at Central Park or raising funds as a lottery agent via lottery sales, etc., is the sort of practical assistance that can help your club. Contact the club on 01383 610166 or the Supporters Club Committee if you want to contribute. One of the main aims, however, is to bring more faces through the turnstiles on a Saturday.

    There has never been any change in strategy regarding a new ground.† Our goal remains to relocate the club successfully and suitably develop Central Park. The current financial climate has made matters a good deal more difficult but we continue to try to make progress.† We can certainly state these rumours are entirely false and are not at all helpful to the club.† We wouldn’t have bothered devoting all the time, effort and resources we have put into the club since Gordon McDougall left if we had ever had such an agenda.† Really we can’t understand the motivation for spreading such stories.

    Someone suggested on the pie and bovril forum last week that it would be financial suicide for Cowden to win promotion to division 1 Hopefully this cannot be true We have looked to be one of the best teams in the league so far and promotion must be a possibility. Ive attended every league game this season except Alloa (h) and Brechin (a) but Iwouldnt like to think Im supporting a team who dont want promotion.

    Answer: The same rumour comes around every time Cowden are doing well.† There are pros and cons in everything in life and football is no different. Some aspects of going into a higher division may create difficulties whereas others are exciting and produce opportunities.† We, of course, were unexpectedly promoted, and it’s true that consolidation in the 2nd Division is our primary aim.† We are concentrating on dealing with the various issues that impact on the club at this moment in time and are just very happy to leave the football to Danny and the team.

    What is the situation regarding compensation for Gordon McDougall and Brian Welsh? 

    Answer: After some very lengthy and costly court appearances, the situation is now close to being finalised.† The overall sum of money to cover McDougall/ Welsh and legal costs is not yet clear but will be in the region of £150,000 which the football club, presently, doesn’t have. The situation is currently being looked at.

    Is the stock car business separate from the football club and do the Brewster brothers own both. Also, if the club relocates to a new stadium, what happens to the stock cars?

    Answer: Both businesses are separate and are both owned by a company called Innovate. The Brewster brothers own the majority of shares in this company, but what a lot of people do not realise is that the football club is heavily subsidised by the stockcars. It is anticipated that the relocation will be for both the stock cars and the football club and there are ongoing investigations as to the types of stadium this could turn out to be. Again, obviously, the amount of investment available will be the overriding factor in this but it is hoped that if† an all weather pitch and floodlighting can be achieved then the foot ball club may become self sustainable through income† returned from the hire out of the pitch for example.

    What is the latest situation with regard to the ground being sold and what is happening to the new ground?

    Answer: Currently, the Brewster brothers are in negotiations with a specialist retail developer† looking at the redevelopment of Central Park together with the development of the football/ stockcar stadium at the preferred relocation site, a number of options are being considered, but the economic downturn, as you will appreciate, is affecting the financial viability of this, very seriously.

    Rumour was that TESCOS had put in a bid for the ground. Can you confirm this?

    Answer: Tescos, were indeed, the front runner in purchasing Central Park, with a view to redevelopment, and the Brewster brothers had opened initial discussions with them. Unfortunately they recently† withdrew from negotiations highlighting access as the main issue and would be prepared to return to the table when this was resolved